Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Korker Flower Curls Tutorial

I've been asked by a blogger friend to do a tutorial with more detail
on how to do the little korker curls I used in the Mother's day
card flower. They are very easy. I thought a picture would tell the tale better.
Click on image above for better detail.
You can use jewelers cord, scrappers floss, silk flower wire, etc.
I used the sparkle cord up above. I applied the stiffener to the thread using
a q tip on a piece of copy paper. When it was still wet I rolled it
on a thin round stick or dowel. In the pic I used a thin paint brush.
I secured the ends with plastic clamps I found in the hardware
section of a grocery store. Michael's has small crafters clothes pins
that work great too. I let it dry overnight and it all comes off in a
stiff spiral. Cut what you need for your projects.
I had some white silk flower wire. I colored the wire using a pink ballet
prismacolor marker. I wrapped it around the thin dowel and it made a
nice korker curl. You don't need stiffener, of course, because of the inner wire.
They are a tad picky to touch but they look good too.
It's the bottom pink korker curl in the picture.
The little ribbon korkers for paper cardmaking use the same technique .
Although for hair bows, you need to heat set the curls .
I learned how to make ribbon hair bow korkers
for my granddaughters Here.
Easy Peasy !

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