Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Freebie Celebrate QP

It's almost 2010 ! I sure hope it's a great year for us all. We're
having a new granddaughter in May, so our year is awesome already.
I made a QP for New Years and thought you might like to have it also.
My inspiration for this full size design was from Candys Treats New Years
tutorial I followed last year and Diane gave me the okay to
use some elements from her page kit in my full size QP.
If you haven't been to her web site yet, take a look. She is a very talented
and super sweet lady !!!
The QP is full size (12 by 12) and 300 DPI. Click on the small preview to see
the QP in a bit better detail.

You can download the QP ... HERE

* Happy 2010 *

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working on July Download Links

I'm sorry the July 2009 links at 4 shared weren't working. Birthday Pink ,
Mugging for the Camera and Summers End zip files have been reloaded .
They are ready to download . Thank you for letting me know !

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Sparkle Turkey

I thought I'd make a little something to offer here at SugarPaw Scraps
for Thanksgiving. I jumped right into Christmas at TaggerPaws , so
here is a Full Size Sparkle Turkey, Pumpkin and Word art for
your layouts.
The template I used for the turkey is by Michelle Sims
The template used for the pumpkin is by Miggins

These elements are Full Size and 300 DPI
You can get the download HERE

I'd like to take this time to thank all the awesome
designers that allow me to generously use their work in freebies
I offer here at SugarPaw Scraps or at TaggerPaws. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart ! I would also like to personally
thank Gunhild Storeide for always being
just an email away helping me when I need it. She has taught
me so much and I am so appreciative of her tremendous
generosity to a newbie.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you All for your Generous Hearts !

From the furkids and I .....* Happy Thanksgiving*

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It was a very quiet day today here in the mitten, so I made a Family Tree QP .
I'm posting the QP link at Taggerpaws also even though it isn't technically pet themed. I'm going to put my furbabies pictures in it though.
I have three yorkies myself
and 2 grand fur kids and a few at Rainbow Bridge.
It's Full Size and 300 DPI.
Tree stamp by Scrap Stew Sue
Leaf alpha by Shawn Headley Designs
Papers and flower elements by Trina Clark
Fence by Marta Van eck
Red flower clusters by Cynha
QP and apple frames by Judy (SugarPaw Scraps)

You can download the QP HERE

I just added my family pics and the page printed out great
for framing ! I'll add it to my slideshow here .
I hope you can use it too :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween QP freebie !

Double, double Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron bubble ! It's almost Halloween and
I have a spooky Halloween Quick Page for you tonight. Click on the
image to see it a bit bigger.
I'd like to thank Seachell from Seachell Scrapz for allowing
me to use some of her bits and pieces . She's been a real
sweetheart every time I've contacted her !
The QP is full size and 300 DPI.
Credits :
Scull cluster frame, lightening and crypt by Seachell Scrapz
QP design by Judy SugarPaw Scraps

You can get download freebie ... HERE

Spooky Scrapping ! If you can use the quick page , let me know.
I love to hear from you all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Need Photo Repair ?

I came across a lady that does photo repair work via the internet and I'm so happy with her work ! I had a horrible looking photo hubby kept on his tool box since the early 80's. It was faded, taped, torn, spotted, and full of tack holes. It was taken in front of a fountain at the zoo around 1980-81. This year those same two little girls posed at the same fountain with their children. I wanted to make a LO but I just could not fix that old picture. One part of a face was completely gone. I almost gave up until I found Tricia.
Tricia not only fixed it she tried to make a new mouth and chin. She even removed a whole person from the photo. I'm standing right by my young daughter holding her on the stone ledge in the original. In one finished repair, I'm taken out.
I wanted to pass this along . You may have old damaged photos that are very special to you and she will help. She is very affordable .
Here is her link
Tell her Judy from TaggerPaws/SugarPaw Scraps sent you there. You won't be sorry with her professional work or her sweet personality !
Photo memories are vital to our happiness and those of future generations. Look around and see
if you have any old photos that need repair work . :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Blue

For those of you hoping for boy colors instead in the freebie
Birthday QP offered before , I changed it to blues. Now you don't have
any reason not to scrap your kids or furkids birthday photos !
All credits are the same as Birthday Pink QP.
Full size...300 DPI

Download Birthday BlueQP HERE

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mugging for the Camera QP !

Thank you everyone for loving the cute QP freebies so much !
I think you're going to love this one just as much. It's so perfect for
any silly *mug* shot you have on hand. I added Jack's picture eating squash.
Take a peek in the slideshow down below to see how cute this QP turns out.
I used Kathy Winters Summer's End page kit and her Mugging
for the Camera word art.. The M & M alpha
is by Gunhild .
It's a full size 12"by12" Qp...300 DPI for quality printing.
Click on the image for more detail.

You can download the QP...HERE

Later tonight I'll be uploading a new QP at TaggerPaws that
I'm sure you'll want for your furbabies pictures ! I just have
to upload it to 4 shared .
Have a wonderful weekend . Tomorrow is the Blueberry Festival !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday freebie..In the Pink !

I'm so happy to see s0 many people snagging the Summer's End
QP. I have another QP almost ready to share using the same
page kit and pretty colors. I'll post it on Friday.
I wanted to scrap something cute for my granddaughter Gina's
birthday, so I made a QP and I'm also offering it all to you !
It's truly adorable in all it's detail. Clicking
on the image will show it a bit larger. I used KimB's page
kit Happy Day which she made for her sister's recent birthday.
I simple fell in love with that page kit !
The cake frame is a template by Christina Brown .
They both graciously gave me permission to make a QP ,
using their PTU designs, to offer here at SugarPaw Scraps.
I can't thank them enough !!!
Hopefully I can do a boy birthday QP too ! Hmmm, I wonder
if I could beg and plead Kim B for a cute boy birthday kit ?
Gotta love her talent no matter who you are !
Full size...300 DPI

You can download the QP...HERE

Kim B Designs.......Happy Day page kit
Christina Brown Designs...cake template
Judy..SugarPaw Scraps.... QP layout

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Night Freebie !

Here is the first non pet themed freebie at SugarPaw Scraps !
The colors are darling and so cheery. The Quick Page
is full size 12" by 12" , 300 DPI . I already added pictures to
mine and I can't want to print it. The details are wonderful !
Previews never do them justice.
Credit for the pretty page kit goes to Kathy Winters Designs .
I did not use all her papers and elements , so if you love the kit like I
did you can purchase the whole Summers End page kit at Scrapable .
Thank you Kathy for allowing me to scrap your kits
and offer them at TaggerPaws or here at SugarPaw Scraps .
You're a wonderful friend !

You can download the QP...HERE

I hope you stop back and show me your finished
layout !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome to Sugar Paw Scraps

Thanks for stopping by for a peek. We're still under construction
here at SugarPaw Scraps but soon
I'll bloggin' along with the rest.
Donna from Freedom to Bark
is busy designing and tweaking my new custom blog background/header. If you need a gorgeous Blog with all
the fancy trimmings along with screen shots for
the clueless newbie or code challenged like me, check out her Blog. She designs beautiful blog backgrounds. I'm
as happy as a lark with my new SugarPaw Scraps blog design.
WooHoo !!!!!! Tell her Judy from TaggerPaws said hello !
I'll be adding some cute freebies here at SugarPaw Scraps that
aren't pet themed. I'm working on a QP using
Kathy Winters page kit Summers End right now, so come
back soon !
In the mean time visit
for all the pet themed freebies
and pet related news.
Grab our cute blinkies
too. We love visitors here and at TaggerPaws.
Bark at us anytime.
Paw at you later !